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Mystery of God

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God can be seen living in Land of eternal light which is bright red in colour and Sun’s rays cannot enter this part of Universe which is almost hidden from our physical world. Meditation has its greatest value in allowing human beings to see God in HIS true glory while human beings are encased in a physical cage we call human body. This is the only time in life human beings will have a chance to see and meet God.

  • Life is a Q…
  • Life is a Quantum Delight…
  • Q Love is the highest form of Love…
  • Discover the secrets of a Q life…
  • Benefits of Q living are enormous in our daily life, societies, families and countries
  • Q teaches us to be coherent
  • Imbibing divine virtues of human soul in our daily life leads to daily cleansing after years of RUST covering human soul whose purity is lost.

Despite phenomenal difficulties in life during author’s journey in search of God, author never stopped his daily meditation and yoga. It is this firm inner belief and faith in God which eventually lead to meeting God after 14 years of difficulties when everything else had failed in author’s life in which he was left begging and destroyed losing everything in life in London and abroad.

Yoga are very popular these days. Do people ask the question why is it they are popular all over the world now. In this day and age of advanced technological advancement eclipsing all aspects of our lives, people realise that external gadgets though help to bring comfort and enjoyment are ephemeral tools which do not give lasting happiness. There is deeper reason for having inner health, wealth and happiness in our daily lives. The beauty of this is happiness and many precious things are absolutely free of charge and entirely in our control…yet, people are looking in the opposite direction for their happiness which can never be lasting or permanent.

Atma or Soul’s value becomes even more important to appreciate when human being breathes his last breath on earth. This is how author started his Journey in search of God: what happens after death and before rebirth. Undertaking neuroanatomy at UCH, London, there was no mention of this when doing brain dissection on cadavers.


Author has attempted to simplify the different types of popular Yoga techniques and how the real benefits are obtained with Raj Yoga. Real lasting changes are only observed when the inner core self-changes in any human being. Otherwise, temporary benefits accrue and people resort to their old habits. Meditation technique which author uses daily and its value to human health and longevity frees human beings from many modern ailments and diseases induced by stress of modern living.


Author has explained the value of energy and how it’s source helps human beings via the spiritual Quantum Pyramid whose knowledge is missing on earth. Parallely, author has simplified the process of Raj Yoga meditation verses Kundalini meditation with Chakras and their respective values in our daily life.

God has said there is so many gems of knowledge in this book that if readers imbibe only half the knowledge in this book then it will last them in many lives on Earth… First book to be endorsed by God HIMSELF. Remember, it is HIS knowledge, not mine. I am simply a conduit or a receptor unveiling Divine knowledge of Life and God. I took the trouble to find God first, which took 14 years of my life.

God's Message for World Peace delivered to me:

“Leave all the religions of the world and come to my abode where there is Peace and happiness”