Mystery of God where is God if there is so much faith and worship in HIS name on Earth
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Mystery of God

Mystery of God:

One does not need to be an Einstein to know that something is missing on Earth. Something does not add up. If God is there then why does God not reveal HIS presence. If God is a figment of our imagination then why do so many people believe and pray to HIM to a point of unparalleled fanaticism. Different religions swear by the name of God. People are even prepared to die in the name of God. Yet, the plain fact of the matter is there is unparalleled sufferings on Earth in various forms, shapes and sizes and human life and living has been trivialised to an almost insignificant moment. What does God say about human life – which I feel is very precious, just like human birth as not everybody can get an easy birth or rebirth on Earth.


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God's Message for World Peace delivered to me:

“Leave all the religions of the world and come to my abode where there is Peace and happiness”