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Mystery of God

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Why is it people do not know how to contact God. One sees people worshipping God in different parts of the world under different names, attires and religious places of worship. So why do we have so much trouble, violence on Earth, with nature revealing more intense calamities affecting mankind everywhere and all of a sudden. Why doesn’t God listen to human Prayers

Author has discovered a conspiracy to cover up the name of God in which all the religious entities worshipped as Gods and Goddesses are instrumental in covering up the name of God. None of them wanted the absolute Truth to be revealed. Deeper levels of conspiracy are responsible for a cover up on Earth. Author has discovered how evil techniques are employed using the dark and shady world of black magic and witchcraft practised all over the world.

How do you fight an invisible enemy? An enemy which is not readily visible and yet causes major problems in life both externally and internally. If people find out the truth about this, they will discover the evil world all around us. Author had no answer for this nor are there any lessons to assist human beings on Earth. Many eminent people are murdered using evil technique by many who are actually priests. If only people knew what happens inside a modern Cemetery, they would be shocked. Dead human beings are used to undertake even more corrupt activities on Earth. What happens in physical world also happens in the invisible spiritual world of spirits. That is why it is important to Pray and go deeper in human Atma and liaise with God who can only stop the sufferings.


Author reveals many gems of knowledge like the significance of Eye of the Dollar Bill, Washington Monument, Dan brown’s Lost symbol significance between Very Holy and Holy, DeVinchi , actual photo of Jesus Christ as he appeared 2000 yrs. ago on Earth. etc.

There is decline and downfall of worship on Earth with world at the height of false devotion.

Paradise will avail for the lucky few who persevere the difficult and pure path after God finishes HIS work on Earth and establishes Paradise. Billions will disappear from Earth…

God's Message for World Peace delivered to me:

“Leave all the religions of the world and come to my abode where there is Peace and happiness”