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Mystery of God

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Mystery of God




Yoga & Meditation

Educational background

University College Hospital Medical and Dental School

  • 1 st Degree: BDS (University of London)
  • 2nd Degree: Royal College of Surgeons (England)
  • 3rd Degree: Royal College of Surgeons (England)
  • Over 50 International Certifications

Postgraduate Training:

  • Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow

Trained in A& E Department – trained in emergency medical and surgical work in casualty and theatres, undertook all aspects of medical/surgery work

  • Mount Vernon Hospital –Regional head quarters of North West London facio-maxillo surgery and plastic surgery and making of obturators for mouth, eyes, ears etc.
  • Central Middlesex Hospital-ran postgraduate Courses in Implant Surgery

Meditation and Yoga:

  • I have met Creator of this World, communication with God is my special interest, which gives me energy, vitality to sustain life, work and be happy under any given situation in life. Enlightenment, divine secrets about human bodies, mysteries of life, death the world cycle etc.
  • This is the most precious birth since I had obtained the blessings of the Highest God and had the privilege and pleasure to write about continuous Divine visions, messages and miracles which continue to this day.

Undertake all different aspects of Yoga and Meditation.

Career History

  • I was running Implant courses with Professor Misch of USA.
  • I was invited to present five television programmes for Zee TV in London dealing with various aspects of health issues.


  • I have acquired experience in all aspects of legal work in London
  • I have self represented in various legal disputes in London’s District Courts, High Court and Supreme Court at Royal Courts of Justice- over 100 cases, undertook all aspects of litigation.
  • Self represented in Indian Supreme Court in Delhi on social issues, 3 hearings with Chief Justice of Indian Supreme Court,

India TV News showed my documentary.

Social Interests:

  • I was Acton Rotary Club member, London.
  • I was a member of Acton and Ealing Business Club with Sir George Young M.P., where we met at Houses of Parliament and liaised on local issues and social problems within the community.


God's Message for World Peace delivered to me:

“Leave all the religions of the world and come to my abode where there is Peace and happiness”