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Mystery of God

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Creator or Original God has made such an ingenious design of human beings in our Universe that the only thing which can see God is human soul or atma. Yet, this elusive entity is hidden from the humans and the world. Atma forms the essence of human consciousness which has been the subject of serious scientific research all over the world

Author has been honoured to be a recipient of such Divine knowledge from God. The book author has written has been the nectar of God’s knowledge whose knowledge has disappeared from India and the world and is known as Original Gita. If the truth about Gita is known in the world then India would never have been subjected to weakness, poverty and degradation which is all around us. The biggest tragedy for India and world is the name of God has been completely covered up.

Atma or Soul has the finest level of organization of energy, memory and functionality which has eluded best of mankind, scientists and seekers of Divine knowledge. For the first time, author is revealing MIND of GOD.

Koran says human soul cannot be seen. Author begs to differ and reveals deeper levels of knowledge hitherto unavailable to scriptures or priests or mankind. Theory verses Practical of soul consciousness is a beautiful subject worthy of lasting rewards and health, wealth and happiness.

In this unique book, author explains what Grey’s anatomy did not know

  • how to see human soul present within human brain,
  • stages of Atma which can be visible
  • deeper levels of enlightenment with Atma
  • the 3rd eye which forms the seat of Atma
  • how to communicate with God via the medium of Atma
  • Cycle of birth, death, rebirth and reincarnation
  • Atma controls human body’s daily energy and functional demands
  • Mind, Intelligence are enshrined within human soul and its energies

Deeper scientific knowledge of Mystery of Origin of Life is covered in author’s second masterpiece and forms the subject of Original God Consciousness before Big Bang and Creation in author’s first website

Author has discovered deepest secrets of our human life, human soul and our origins which forms the subject of author’s second main book in the main website mentioned above.

God's Message for World Peace delivered to me:

“Leave all the religions of the world and come to my abode where there is Peace and happiness”